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Depression and Anxiety

21 Apr 2022

Our next monthly support meetings in Wokingham are on Wednesday 6th April 2022 at 7.00pm

Tracy Ann Hughes will lead a meditation session with a focus on:

  • Thoughts – the monkey mind
  • Training the mind – leading to Transforming the mind
  • Stress – how to work with it – not against it

After the session there will be time for refreshments and a chat.

I was asked to do a talk with a fabulous company called Depression Xpression which I really enjoyed.

The group was small but really supported each other, I would highly recommend these groups to anyone suffering from anxiety and the many forms of depression that can bring anyone down on their knees in vulnerable times.

They have 2 locations one in Wokingham and the other in Reading and filled with wonderful people who can help.

Depression Xpression was set up in 2014 when several people living with depression got together to form a support group. They recognised a need for a group that anyone in the community with mental health issues could attend without the need for referral or booking. Many of their volunteers are people who joined the group and now feel ready to give something back.

Their activities are user-led, and they obtain feedback from our users through both formal and informal methods. They listen to their users and make changes as necessary to maximise their benefit and service.

They have strong links with other community organisations in the area. They keep in touch with the local council and local volunteer action group to learn about other initiatives.

They are also in touch with local GPs and social prescribing practitioners.

Depression and Anxiety