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What happens when you Meditate

13 Dec 2019

The True Self is naturally beautiful. Our character builds and strengthens as we become more peaceful and gentle. Inner qualities emerge by tuning our attention inwards. 

Life is challenging for everyone. Is there ever any shortage of difficulties and troubles? Through meditation, however we develop an inner wall of serenity and relaxation, so that storms are unable to howl at us too forcefully. Without realising we carry the past, called karma. This can weigh on us and influence the way we feel, act, react, think, feel, and live. Fortunately, each meditation can unburden us a bit.

Every time you meditate, the brain changes and burns up old brain cells. After every deep meditation you will begin to find yourself becoming freer inside.  

Right now breathe in slowly and breath out - SMILE and close your eyes.

Meditation helps us to sunbath in the present moment. It helps us to keep from wandering away with a million thoughts into the dim past or shadowy future.

Embrace yourself in the now, enjoy Christmas, do not set any goals, just take a moment to drop into your heart and follow it, to your happy place and only you know what that is.

Have a joyful Christmas 

God bless you ALL Tracy  x

What happens when you Meditate