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Do you trust to let go?

2 Nov 2021

At the heart of all teachings is living in the moment however our egos desires, and needs can take over the truth of who we really are?


Most people are afraid to let go!


This is something I am feeling through my heart centre as I write this blog. I was born knowing there was magic all around us, that magic turned into an understanding that the energy we sit in is in fact Source or God, or I AM, as you can imagine God has many names in many languages and if we speak from the heart we are heard.

If we suppress our own feelings we get pushed around by others, we give others around us a sub-consciousness permission to drive our own behaviour, so we don’t have to be present or try.


Are you afraid to say how you feel?


Do you value yourself?


If we want to be able to take a leap of faith so we can become a vessel for something sacred, we need to develop a degree of trust. We must trust that if we relinquish our ego, we won’t get overwhelmed with everyone else’s.

From my own experience clarity only shows up when we cut away all drama that belongs to everyone else, friends that drain us of good energy because they are unable to access their own, take a positive stand in work, home and your own life, and boom!




Yes, change starts happening – wisdom and strength comes out of letting go of what no longer serves us – followed by meditation and clarity on the truth of what you really wish for in life.


Living in the moment step by step – staying focused – positive and joyful.


The key is - stay true to you in every moment.



Do you trust to let go?