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Group Meditation Classes

Generally capped at 8 now to prioritise space for people – This Meditation practice is to learn different techniques whereby everyone will find an area they are more comfortable in.

Meditation is an on-going practice to quieten the mind and body – not to stop us from having thoughts but to gain mastery over them in time. 

Group Meditation is always a blessing to hold as the energy in the room can lift each other up through your own individual experience and coming together over a 4-week period.


The general areas of Meditation that will be covered are – breath work, relaxation through

scanning the body, contemplation, in winter candle gazing (always fun!) and guided meditations

You will experience space in your body and mind which will assist in letting go of all tension held within, Loving Kindness and elements of Mindfulness will be experienced, however the 8 week Mindfulness course is separate and shown on another page.


Group Meditation Classes

Investment £48

Investment £45 – on zoom

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