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Tracy Hughes

Tracy is intuitive and sensitive with a love of all things with meaning.

Having the joy of travelling in her 40’s she was able to take time out, meditate and join an indescribable flow of life allowing a deeper expression of herself to come alive.

She recognised in order to bring her true essence forward sitting quietly every day and topping up from the source of all life was essential to be able to teach, but above all get to know herself.

In 2012 she was one of the first people to train with the British School of Meditation whereby passing with distinction she then went to live in Spain for one year to continue teaching at a retreat centre.

After leaving Spain she spent one month at a Buddhist monastery assisting in their gardens and enjoying the total silence of the space they provide while she discovered more about herself and how the Buddhist monks and nuns chant and meditate.

To conclude Tracy’s love of Meditation is continuing is help her grow, the more she teaches the more she learns.


“When meditating in silence - all answers are found” 

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