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Tracy Ann Hughes

Tracy is intuitive and sensitive with a love of all things with meaning.


Having the joy of travelling in her 40’s she was able to take time out, meditate and join the indescribable flow of life allowing a deeper expression of herself to come alive.


She recognised to gain Mastery over her thoughts and find her true essence she required daily Meditation; this began to top her up from the inside “food for the Soul she calls it” – this essential source of creating space for herself was opening her up to more possibilities.


In 2012 she was one of the first groups of people to train with the British School of Meditation (BSoM) whereby she passed with distinction and went on to live in for one year Spain, there she continued teaching Meditation at the local retreat centre, and hairdressers every Monday when they closed.


After leaving Spain she spent one month at a Buddhist monastery assisting in their gardens and enjoying the total silence and space it provided for her.


To conclude, she went onto learn many other techniques and finished at Oxford College completing their Mindfulness Now programme – enabling her to teach an 8-week course in Mindfulness.

Furthermore, another gift has opened for her called Archangelic Light Language which has provided a high vibration of energy to stream through and assist not only herself but client’s transformation.

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“When meditating in silence - all answers are found” 

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