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The Year of Covid

5th May 2021

Covid – what can I say this last year has been so hard for everyone, loss, grief, and sadness have enveloped some people and others have managed to get through unscathed to a degree.

People come to me so upset from not knowing what may happen – the over hanging uncertainty and the forced changes. The breakdown of relationships and the emptiness inside.

Know this, our world needed to change!

People were unhappy in their jobs, in a vicious cycle of working all week, getting drunk to get over the unhappiness in their life and then back to it on Monday. This perpetual cycle is not good for our health, general wellbeing, and joy for life!

Many people without knowing called out from their hearts for more.

The Creator listened and planned albeit without devastation for some, huge scary changes in our world to see what we would do as a collective race.

So many have lost their connection to self, to the world around them, each other and spend too many hours glued to TV, and any devices which are always disrupting our internal peace within. We take each other for granted and honour little in our own lives as a collective race of human beings.

Please do not misunderstand me, technology is here to stay, and we can use it wisely but not against our health and wellbeing. We can change as a race and allow light into our bodies by shifting our own consciousness internally.

Go out in Nature – walk more – take up daily Meditation and look within. Listen to the small voice within your own heart and ask yourself, which part of me have I abandoned in this life thus far, who’s pathway am I following mine or someone else’s?

Its time for us to take on a new adventure.


“The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of your heart”.

. Mahatma Gandhi